New Food

Through all the days of lessons, Wisdom fed Maral always the same simple meal of bread. If Maral was completely honest… the bread was abrasive and strange when she first ate it. Knowing it wasn’t polite to mention it, she remained silent. Also, there was so much more to think about that she really didn’t have time to consider the food at any length.

Over time, she became used to Wisdom’s fare. When she found herself actually enjoying it and looking forward to meals times, she asked Wisdom about the bread.

Wisdom explained, “It is an especially odd bread. Though at times it may be bitter and others sweet, you are to always eat it all. It will become part of your make up.

This bread contains many mysterious, wonderful benefits. It will make you physically stronger and more flexible. It contains properties that can enhance your sight to see things clearly and improve your hearing to penetrate to the heart of issues.

If you consume enough of this bread, it can shape and mold your shoulders to be able to carry large amounts of weight yet;  be soft enough to welcome a long cry. Your hands will become gentle, strong, and able. It can even give you a firm resolve to always help others in need. And by this, your thoughts will be taken off yourself. Your life will become one of rich quality and worthy of great things and mighty deeds.”

Wisdom smiled; as she spoke, Maral had been taking larger bites from the slice of bread she had been given. Wisdom knew this slice contained much bran, which made it a challenge to get through with enjoyment. Wisdom’s heart melted a little more at Maral’s sincere soul. 

She continued with a caution, “Whenever you stop eating this bread, the strengths and abilities gained from it will begin to fade. At times, you will be tempted to combine it with other foods- or even just add a few ingredients from other sources, but it will dilute the power and become ineffective. Beware, there are many imposters but you will now know the difference. You have tasted the authentic bread.

It takes time and effort when you first chew this bread to develop a taste for it. The more you eat, the more your appetite for it will increase.”

Maral smiled and took another huge bite.