Hello world!

My name is Stephanie Ryland. I am an ordinary person with an imagination open to the unknown. The superhero that I married has the powers of encouragement and unending support. This has enabled me to seek the very limits of my dreams and ambitions. They have taken me to many weird and wonderful places and down some bizarre and seldom traveled roads. One of the roads has led me into the world of Truth.

Truth is the imaginary world I stumbled into when my life was ready for something new. This place is inhabited with fantastic fantasy characters. They help me to process the confusion and chaos of our world through their struggles and experiences. They offer me perspective. And that is how I fictionally observe life.

Is this completely sane…? I think so, or at least maybe. But, if not, I’m ok with crazy. I know her, and- in moderation- she is wonderful. In excess, she is a fire-breathing manic…. so I’ll attempt to stay on the safe side of crazy.

And here we go...