New Skills

Maral loved Wisdom. It was marvelous not to be alone. There was a great comfort in knowing she didn’t have to stumble around trying to figure everything out on her own.

At first, Maral dominated the conversation. She rambled at length about herself, her successes, her failures, her fears, her hopes, and her concerns. Wisdom patiently listened to it all, knowing that with all seekers, it’s hard to begin learning to utilize the necessary skills of waiting and listening.

It took a few days for Maral to notice she hadn’t given Wisdom an opportunity to speak. Maral found silence difficult in the presence of Wisdom. Though she would try to wait on Wisdom, she would find herself again breaking the stillness. When she spoke hesitantly and looked sheepishly at her, Wisdom knew she was on the brink of understanding. Wisdom remained silent, allowing Maral to stretch her new-found skills.

Wisdom applied her best efforts toward not looking amused as she watched Maral squirm, working hard to develop the ability to wait. Each day she was able to stretch farther until her ability to wait had matured to the desired length.

At that point, Maral had achieved the ability to listen and understand that which Wisdom had to share. Wisdom began by revealing smalls truths, and with this, Maral’s worldview began to expand. Missing links in understanding were being filled in; while other firm facts she had believed all her life were exploding before her.

Wisdom was pleased to see Maral was like a sponge soaking up all the information given to her. When confused, Maral would ask thoughtful questions until she grasped the concept. She quickly advanced in her basic understanding of the ways of Wisdom. When she reached a concept that was contradictory to the way she was raised, she would take an appropriate about of time to process it. This allowed her to come to a true understanding rather than either quickly dismissing the notion or blindly accepting it.

She didn’t have mastery over all the topics but enough to move on.

Wisdom moved on to deeper topics. She instructed Maral in the ways of the strange fire. This was a topic Maral greedily listened to. When the day’s lessons would come to an end, Maral would badger Wisdom to reveal more. Wisdom knew this information needed time to digest and would refuse further instruction that day.

This was a wonderful season of growing and learning. The days were sunny and the troubles were few.