Wisdom Found

Maral knew it was her. Wisdom was standing on the rise of a hill looking out on the horizon. Wisdom did not look extraordinarily beautiful as Maral had imagined but neither did she look common place. She was ageless, not old but certainly not young. There was a completeness about her that both drew and repelled Maral, who felt flawed and broken by comparison.

When Wisdom turned and looked at her, Maral felt her destiny change.

Wisdom had been standing on the hill thinking about this generation with a heavy heart. It had been such a long, long time since there had been a seeker. As she had always done and would always do, she walked her path and did her work, but there was a resistance from this generation that made her weary.

Turning, she noticed the young Gnomish girl watching her from the bottom of the hill. It was unmistakable- the girl could see her. The girl’s appearance communicated that she was a wondering wayfarer. In fact, she was a mess, covered in the dirt from the road. Her forehead glistened with sweat. Her hair was disheveled; her cloths stained and torn. Her left ankle was wrapped in dirty bandages.

Weariness began to slip off Wisdom’s shoulders and tears filled her eyes as she watched this girl draw near. With each step the girl took, Wisdom could see her more clearly. She had experienced many troubles. She had been touched by Grace and Mercy. She had been in the presents of the strange fire. Lastly, Wisdom studied her eyes. This girl had fire inside her.

Wisdom knew this girl had the potential to change the world.

Maral stood before Wisdom uncertain and nervous. All she had thought about for so many miles was finding Wisdom, now that she had she didn’t know what to do. Wisdom smiled, transforming her countenance from one of sober study to friendly welcome.

Maral felt herself relax, “I was told to find you; I’m Maral..”.

“I am very glad to meet you. There is much to do. Come,” Wisdom led Maral along the path, thus began a new phase in Maral’s adventure.