There is a small Fairy village somewhere in the middle of Annulus. Though not its proper name, most refer to it simply as Village Perfect. The weather seemed to always be pleasant. The homes and building were ideal. The Fairies that resided in this village were both brilliant and beautiful. Most of all, however, it appeared to be a perfect community comprised of perfect families, filled with perfect individuals.

When Wisdom entered this village, she saw the sad reality. It was a decaying town filled with rotting bones, broken hearts, stress, anger and some despair. All of which was expertly hidden behind the masks of dignity the inhabitants clung to so tightly.

Wisdom’s heart broke when she saw their suffering. Knowing they didn’t have the ability to see her yet motivated by a desire to help, she called to the inhabitants. The fresh breeze of Wisdom’s breath stirred up the stench of their inner decomposing flesh.

This unpleasantness was avoided as much as possible. The Fairies found they could somewhat numb their senses by refusing to acknowledge they could hear her. She was persistent but they proved too stubborn.

She couldn’t abandon them in that state. Therefore, early one evening, she called for a great storm. She spoke using the thunder for magnification; they could not but hear her. She pronounced a blessing of revelation over them, followed by a caution that this method would be abrasive. Lastly, she told them to be brave; to hold tightly to freedom while releasing pride.

Sleep visited no one that long night. In the morning, a strong westerly wind blew in. From the heights of the roof tops, with a clear voice it began to reveal all things hidden. All the words spoken in whispers in the dark, all the secret practices, and all the hidden habits.  

Shame and shock drove everyone out of their homes. They gathered in the center of their perfect village. All in pajamas, teeth unbrushed and hair in crazy disarray- as exposed and vulnerable as is appropriate to be in public. In silence they listened, mortified.

“Nothing left hidden; nothing held back. What had power over you in the darkness is broken in the light. The healing process may begin. The exhaustion of holding up the facade of dignity can come to an end. Be kind to one another in the days of healing and restoration. Listen to Wisdom. Joy and peace will follow shortly.” With those final words the strong wind dissolved.

A few townspeople left unwilling to deal with their exposed self. However, most stayed, relieved to be able to lay down their heavy secrets and begin to heal from the painful decay.

Though they couldn’t see her and could only hear her voice faintly, Wisdom was there. She gently navigated the Fairies through the difficult times. Through much effort and many tears, they forgave what needed to be forgiven and helped those that needed help. They were again able to breathe the fresh air without the pressure of guilt and fear pressing upon their chest.

They grew healthy and happy.