Ichabod is Dying

He had been a much-desired baby. However, as the pregnancy wore on, life for his family turned from sweet to sour then finally to extremely bitter. Maybe they shouldn’t have named him at birth. Nameless, he might have had a better chance at life, but that is not how things are done among the Pixies. So, he was named, and his name reflected every terrible event of that year- Ichabod, meaning sorrow.

He grew up unloved.

Whenever negative things happened, the community looked to see the proximity of Ichabod to the occurrence. He was thought of as a bad luck charm and quickly became an outcast. He accepted what people said of him and his behavior reflected their expectations. He formed himself into his negative destiny- stooped over, brow furrowed with worry, and eyes cast down to avoid the concerned or angry look of others.

The day Wisdom came to this town the status quo began to crumble. She observed how good-hearted Pixies treated Ichabod as a scape-goat simply because it had always been the way of the community. Wisdom would not tolerate it.

With clear and undeniable reason, she spoke to the Pixies, slicing away their prejudice, until they saw Ichabod for what he was- not the foreteller of misfortune, but a sad, lonely Pixy.

Most of the community intensely regretted their horrible treatment of him. They would change, though it took some longer than others to completely change their way of thinking.

Wisdom spoke gently to Ichabod. He could not hear her voice, but this did not deter her from repeating her truth. Ichabod, you are more than your name. You are more than what others say you are. Depression can be broken. Joy and peace and purpose can be yours. You are meant for so much more. You are not forever destined to be what you have been. You can change your name.

It was not long before Ichabod could hear Wisdom, though he didn’t understand what she was saying. Wisdom saw this progress and continued her work until the day when he understood and, with tears, accepted the truth.

Wisdom gathered the community to announce, “Ichabod is dying.”

Shocked the community was silent, thinking over the sorrow and isolation the young man had been forced to handle for so many years. Tears slipped from many eyes. Then, from behind Wisdom, stepped a new man. No longer stooped, with a smooth brow, he stood tall, confident, and looking directly into the eyes of everyone. Wisdom announced, “Ichabod has passed away, this is Peter.”