The Priority

The fashion district in Ambiguberg receives more foot traffic than any other in the city. Everyone from the very old to the very young come to see the excellent window displays and to shop.

At the end of the block, there once resided the most dreadful thing- a street sign. It informed the pedestrians they must yield to street traffic. But window displays are so captivating that nearly everyone who reached the intersection walked into the inappropriate obstruction. While they received only minor bumps and bruises to their body, dignities were severely injured.

There was an outcry from the population for an instant remedy. The founders of the city bent their reason to the will of the people. They removed the sign. This resulted in the death of many pedestrians. In times past, they had stumbled into the yield sign and had become aware of their dangerous proximity to traffic. Thus, they avoided the danger. However now, without any obstruction, they walk directly into traffic, getting trampled and run over.

The founders realized this would not do, so they assigned crossing guards to this location. These guards had the responsibility of protecting this corner so that pedestrians would no longer stop the flow of traffic by being run over.

The guards would caution people to yield to traffic. However, the pedestrians were so engrossed in their window-shopping that they completely ignored the warnings until their path was forcibly blocked by the crossing guards. They became so annoyed by this interference that they pushed the guards into traffic.

After the founders lost serval guards to the rush of traffic, they could no longer staff thisdangerous position. They resolved this issue by placing an unobtrusive A-board sign on the corner cautioning pedestrians. In addition, they widened the street to help the traffic flow around the continual casualties.