Pirate Jack

Pirate Jack is no longer a pirate but the name has stuck and Jack doesn’t much mind. He turned from his thriving career of pillaging on the high seas to become a rescue vessel. How that transformation happened is another story.

Pirate Jack is an old Dwarf, heavily weather beaten, and with only one leg. Neither his age nor his disability has stopped him from becoming renowned for his daring rescue missions.

He claims that he owes his successful rescue attempts to his steadiness. No matter how violent the storm, Pirate Jack can walk about the deck with ease while all the crew are being flung about like rag dolls in the hands of angry children.

When asked about his ability to maintain sure footing, Jack explains his strength comes from his core. It has nothing to do with the legs or anticipating the waves because that is impossible. Since he has made his core strong, there is little he cannot do.

Strengthening the core isn’t glamourous- no one can see your efforts pay off as with burly arm workouts. It is also tremendously difficult fighting off the old habits of laziness and gluttony. However, it is core strength that is required to be able to do what needs to be done.

 In his gruff voice he explains that one cannot be tentative in a storm when the waves, water, and sea monsters are attempting to catch hold of you. There is a job to be done- rescuing the drowning.

Do the work of training the core while the weather is fine, so that when the storms come you will be able and fit. These days are not about easy enjoyment but about thriving and living successful lives. Extraordinary lives are being lived even if no one else notices them.